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I need to control my sex drive [11 Oct 2007|09:13am]
Last night was so confusing, hot and indescribeable. I was stuck home, I couldn't go out and be with my loves. I sat there in the main hall, drinking tea and listening to Amanda go on and on about her horrible night and Nikkolai. I listened to Moon sing a song and smiled thinking of
my children and there mother at home. Thinking of how I will soon be a father and then my thoughts went to the amazing time Ambrosia and I have together, how beautiful she is, how caring she is, smart, her skin....so soft. Needless to say the thought of her then the wandering thought of the other night with Dmitri has me quite bothered, bothered enough it hurt to sit. As I sat there a very drunk Anya came out of her room, she looked as if she was dressed for a night out, but looked like she had been left waiting forever. She sat besides me and we talked for a while, she continued to drink, looking quite sad, she talked of Divinity and of Zakeil and Nacht. She brought up her and Setherai's fling and Nikkolai attacking her. The entire time, her wings were brushing mine, the feeling was making my issue worse. I wanted them, they were not here and I was not there and it was starting to hurt, then she began to dance making it difficult to concentrate. Celestials are quite beautiful creatures. She sat in my lap, her back facing me, feeling her sitting utop me it hurt so bad, I placed my hands on her thighs and ran my nails up her skirt, No panties, no nothing, just the skirt and her sex. I sighed heavily as she leaned back, guiding my hand to her sex, I ran my nail along her clit before fingering the hell out of her, teasing her clit with my nail the entire time. She shook ontop of me, it was making me harder, hornier and then she slid off me, falling to her knees before me, unzipping my pants and pulling out my erection. I got lost in the feel of her tongue, her strokes, the special thing she does with her tongue and my head, she unbottoned my pants and slid them  off, straddling my erection between her legs, her wetness, her heat stroking it gently as she removed my shirt and leaned in to kiss me. She pressed herself against me, sliding me slowly yet deep inside her. I lost it, I grasped her and pushed her down as she ground her hips into me, as I bucked her in my lap, wrapping my wings into hers, feathers intertwined as we fucked. it seemed like forever, her orgasms louder in turn before she stopped and looked around, grasping my hand and leading me from the main hall to her bedroom. As soon as we got in there she jumped me. We fucked wildly for hours, she even bent herself over and begged for me to take her in the ass. She brought me to a collapsing orgasm as she fell over. I felt horrible, I couldnt just walk out after that. It was early morning by now, I layed her in her bed and laid beside her, a few hours latter, Zakeil walked in and lost it. Talking about how Vampires can't keep it in there pants and so on and so fourtth, Anya started to tell him she was the one, but I shook my head and apologized to both, as I did not stop myself.

Now I am talking to Dmitri and am getting horny all over again. I love them so much.
I need to go see my wife like object, spend a few days there.
I have the need to be in her arms right now.
...[Live life to the fullest]

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